Established in 1978, is a Receptive Travel Agent and Tour Operator Officially licensed and fully bonded by the  Turkish Cultural and Ministry of Tourism.

We are pleased to continue to be able to offer extremely attractive  conditions and unbeatable facilities. Besides package tours, Meditour organizes;

  • Cultural and Biblical Tours,
  • Incentive Tours,
  • Meetings & Conferences,
  • Event Management & Digital-Creative Services,
  • Business Assistance Services,
  • Luxury Travel,
  • Special Interest Programs,
  • Tailor-made Programs,
  • Medical organizations,
  • Transfers and Hotel Reservations.

We  take pleasure in furnishing all that could possibly be desired in handling  visitors in Turkey. The country that bridges both Europe and Asia is an exquisite and  extraordinary destination for tourists, historians, and lovers of religious Antiquity alike. There are number of reasons why you may like to choose Turkey as a destination where history and culture blend into nature so harmoniously.

This entire rich cultural heritage makes Turkey an ideal outdoor  museum for archaeology and history lovers, and an exciting destination for Incentive Travel. With a choice of recently built beautiful resorts, the unspoiled beaches on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, also offer the perfect holidays. During your stay in Turkey Shopping will probably be one of your favorite pastimes.

May we remind you, that MEDITOUR has a long-standing reputation of  more than 35 years with a very personalized service tailored to each customer’s needs? Our competent, multilingual and experienced staff is placed at your disposal.

We therefore, strongly recommend that you contact us in each  different and individual case we will be delight to provide you special  arrangements, out-of-the-ordinary ideas and above all the rapid, efficient and top class service for which we have come to be known.

Simply contact us at with your requirements and leave the rest to us.


A Warm Welcome to You.
Meditour Team