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“Enriching Your Faith through Inspirational and Purposeful Journeys”

Where will you be led to fill your passion for . . .Religious Travel • Christian Fellowship Purpose-Driven Adventure • Spiritual Understanding? Will you be called to trace the life of Jesus and the Apostles across Jerusalem and the Holy Land … view the wonders of ancient Rome … share mass in the Vatican … celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation … join with fellow believers to visit any of the countless historical sites and breathtaking churches and shrines throughout the Holy Land, Europe, China and Asia?

Or will you feed your heart’s desire for Global Voluntourism, blending a spiritual travel adventure and a few days of volunteer service with preeminent relief and humanitarian agencies and churches of all denominations?

Feeding the hungry, tending the informed, caring for children, visiting the elderly and housing the homeless are just a few of the opportunities to serve the world’s needy in a meaningful way.  No matter where your travel passions call you FAITH JOURNEYS is uniquely qualified and superbly prepared to provide you and your church group with a comprehensive and professionally managed travel experienceChurch of Saint Mary Draperis Roman Catholic Church


“The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only one page!”
St. Augustine (354-430)

The call of Baptism into Christ and the Church challenges us to be in communion  for mission. Faith Journeys is proud to be your partner in bringing the call of  Christ and the Church to life today! Nurturing vibrant parish life is a great  blessing and tremendous challenge for pastors, deacons, and parish staff. The  Faith Journeys team believes that pilgrimage travel is an important pillar of  lifelong faith formation. Our staff is fully committed to supporting your  vision for parish renewal and deeper life in Christ.

We design every Catholic pilgrimage with four goals in mind:

  1. To deepen personal faith,
  2. To foster lifelong faith formation,
  3. To develop stewardship through mission education, and
  4. To create an experience that is fun, carefree, and cost-effective!

At Faith Journeys, we believe with all our hearts that “God is in the details!” So leave the planning and preparation to us. Faith is a Journey…Let’s go TOGETHER!



Walk with Jesus through the streets of Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem. Be baptized where He was, in the Jordan River. Sail the Sea of Galilee. Pray on the Mount of Olives. Follow the way of the cross through Jerusalem’s narrow streets to Golgotha. Enter the garden tomb and discover for yourself that He is not there – it is empty! The Bible will come alive for you, as never before, on your Faith Journey through the Holy Land.

Or follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther, John Knox, John Wesley, John Calvin or Ulrich Zwingli through Europe’s most important Protestant Reformation sites, and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your Christian heritage.

Faith Journeys will attend to the details so that growing in your faith can be the focus of your journey. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and unity with your pastor and other members of your church. Faith Journeys is committed to making your faith journey the journey of a lifetime!