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You can arrange a private gullet with crew and spend your holiday cruising along the beautiful Mediterranean or Aegean. The gullet is a distinctive Turkish style wooden boat. These boats traditionally have space for 6 to 12 passengers.  They offer comfortable living areas, wide sun decks, individual cabins with private  bathrooms, and an aft deck with a lounge area where you will be enjoying  your meals.


We offer a great selection of Gullets. This gives us a great flexibility to arrange  a boat that best fits your budget & schedule and our crew of three on board  will make your holiday special by assisting you in all aspects of the trip. In this trip you will have the opportunity to explore the coastal towns and  historical sites along the Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts of Turkey.
You can easily combine your boat trip with land excursions.

In Turkey, you will dress pretty much as you would for Europe. Travel light is our  best advise to you. No shorts or sleeveless shirts are allowed for either men or  women when visiting mosques; women require a headscarf. Please contact us for  different dress codes on cruise trips.

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We highly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance before departure.
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8 Days

Day 1 – Bodrum
Boarding starts afternoon from Bodrum harbour and overnight.
Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12th century B.C. The city which was called Halicarnassus was the birthplace of Herodotus; the father of History who lived in the 5th century B.C. The Mausoleum of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in this city. Bodrum is the landmark of the city the Castle of Saint Peter. It is one of the best preserved pieces of architecture with a history that back to the middle Ages.

Day 2 – Orak Island – Cokertme
While you have breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the boat. Then we will cruise to Orak island. Take the opportunity to swim in the crystal-blue waters of Orak island and enjoy lunch, we will then sail to Cokertme, a small and picturesque fishing town, for diner and for overnight stay. If the weather conditions are permitting it may be possible to use the sail on the way. Guests are welcome to take a short walk on the shore.

Day 3 – Seven Islands – Kufre – Long Port – English Harbour
Before breakfast in the early morning, we will cruise to Seven Islands. You will experience another excellent day in the Seven Islands Region. In this region which is full of many small islands and coral reef; it is recommended that you should dive, swim, sleep and rest. Our guests can also enjoy a walk in the forests which are filled with pine trees. Our first stop in Seven Islands Region will be Kufre Bay. Then we will be anchoring at Uzun Liman (Long Port). Afterwards we will cruise to English Port for dinner and an overnight stay. The name English Port comes from the time of 2nd World War as the ships of British Navy forces used to dock here. In this area, there are so many small and large bays which are suitable and sheltered enough to anchor for the boats.

Day 4 – Cleopatra Island – Karacasogut
We will cruise to Sedir (Ceder) Island. This unique island with its small beach and unbelievable clear water is like an open-air museum. You can see the city walls, the temple from the time of Dorians’ reign (later restored as a church), the amphitheatre with 1.500 guest capacity and some vaulted historical buildings. You can walk around the wrecks of pillars with antique writings on them or the ancient stones decorated with reliefs. Cleopatra Beach, located on this island, has a very special kind of sand that can only be found in the deserts of Northern Africa. According to the myth, King Antonius brought the sand from Egypt via sea for Cleopatra. Then will sail to Karacasogut village for dinner and spend the night.

Day 5 – Longoz – Tuzla
Morning swimming will soon become a part of your daily activities. For lunch, our captain will cruise to Longoz Bay; another place which is like paradise, sheltered with huge pine forests. After lunch, you can enjoy a short walk in the forest and take a rest in Ali Baba’s local shed-like cafe. Afterwards the gulet will be anchoring at Tuzla Bay to enjoy a swimming break in the turquoise-blue waters. Dinner and overnight stay at Tuzla.

Day 6 – Kargili – Kisebuku (Alakisla Buku)
Cruising to Kargili bay (Molla Ibrahim bay) early in the morning. After lunch, we will be anchoring at Kisebuku (Alakisla Buku). You will see the Byzantine ruins. We will spend the night in this lovely bay.

Day 7 – Pabuc Burnu – Yaliciftlik – Bodrum
We will sail to Pabucburnu after breakfast and enjoy lunch here. Tea will be served in Yaliciftlik bay. An optional village tour can be arranged from this bay for those guests wishing to experience local life. Then your boat will be cruise back to Bodrum Port for the last day’s dinner and overnight stay.

Day 8 – Bodrum – Blue Cruise End
After breakfast your blue cruise ends. Have a nice trip back to home.


8 Days

Day 1 Fethiye 
We will meet in Fethiye harbour at afternoon. Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lycias western border with Caria. It is believed that the citys name came from Apollons son Telmessos. As the name suggests the city was the city of light and was famous for its prophets. Fethiye stretches out in a half circle along the bay protected by 12 islands. You can visit the city centre. Overnight stay will be in Fethiye harbour.

Day 2 – Gocek island – Yassica islands
After the breakfast, we will be visiting uniquely beautiful islands and finally hoist near Gocek island. Following lunch and a swimming break we will cruise to Yassica islands to spend the night and cherish the wonderful scenery.

Day 3 – Bedri Rahmi bay – Domuz island – Aga Limani
After the breakfast we will cruise to Bedri Rahmi bay. Bedri Rahmi is a famous Turkish artist who made one of the first ‘Blue Cruises’ in Turkey. Following his visit the bay was named after him. We will go to Domuz island for a swim and anchor in Aga Limani for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 – Kumlubuk – Cennet island – Marmaris
Today, we will cruise to Kumlubuk bay early in the morning. Breakfast will be served in Kumlubuk bay. We anchor at Cennet island for our last swimming break and lunch. We will enter to Marmaris harbour by 4:00 pm. Overnight stay will be in Marmaris. Guests wishing to see more of Marmaris are recommended to go to the city centre and experience the lively night life.

Day 5 – Marmaris
Marmaris, which was built upon the antique Karian city; Phyckos has been under the governorship of many different civilizations. The most valuable work-piece that you will see today is Marmaris Castle dating from 1577. There is also a mosque and an 8-room caravansary covered with arches from the Ottoman Period. The ruins of the Antique times lie on Asar Hill; a small hill located on the northern side of the city. Being one of the best-known touristic places of Turkey Marmaris also has a large marina.

Day 6 – Ekincik Gulf – Dalyan
In the morning we cruise to Ekincik Gulf. You may join our optional Dalyan Tour from here. You will be taken from your yacht by a small boat called “piyade”. Firstly arrive at Caretta-Caretta (turtle) beach and a take a swim stop here. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the delta as you sail along in the river boat. You will see the ancient Rock Tombs and finally arrive at mud baths to relax and be rejuvenated. A fishing village called Dalyan will be our final destinations after we return to our yacht by piyade boat. Dinner and overnight stay will be in the Gulf of Ekincik.

Day 7 – Adali bay – Manastir – Tersane island
Because of wavy seas of Disibilmez and Kurtoglu, that we have to cross, we will cruise earlier than the other days and reach the famous Fethiye Gulf. We will anchor at Adali bay for breakfast. For lunch and a swimming break, we will go to Manastir bay. This place is also known as Cleopatra bay or Sunken Bath bay due to the beautiful underwater ruins of a bath. We will anchor near Tersane island for dinner. This naturally protected bay, which is used as a harbour at present, was used as shipyards in Byzantine and Ottoman times.

Day 8 – Fethiye – Blue Cruise End
After breakfast your blue cruise ends and we would like to see you in future in one of our blue cruises again. Have a nice trip back home.


8 Days

Day 1 – Fethiye 
Boarding starts at afternoon from Fethiye harbour. We will stay overnight on board in Fethiye Port. Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lycias western border with Caria. It is believed that the city’s name came from Apollons son Telmessos. The city joined the Ottoman Empire in 1924. The name changed many times over the years and was eventually named Fethiye in 1914 after the first Turkish Air Force Officer who was called Fethi Bey, crashed his plane and died here whilst on duty. In the south of the town you will see many famous tombs and graves from the Antique Era and one of the most famous and most beautiful stone tombs is the tomb of King Amyntas. The ruins belonging to a theatre, which were recovered during the excavation carried out by the museum recently is in the city centre.

Day 2 – Oludeniz – Gemiler island
Whilst you are enjoying breakfast, we will inform you about the cruise itinerary and safety procedures of the yacht. We will set sail for Oludeniz. Our yacht will be anchored at Oludeniz for lunch and swimming. The next stop will be Gemiler island. It is recommended to have an early evening walk on Gemiler island and pay a visit to the Church of St. Nicholas at the top of the island, which remains from Byzantine times. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Gemiler Strait.

Day 3 – Yesilkoy – Kas
In the morning, we will cruise early to cross Yedi Burunlar (Seven Capes) smoothly. We will anchor at Yesilkoy bay, which is close to Kalkan, for breakfast and to enjoy the sea. We will anchor at Kas harbour. Here you will have the chance to walk around Kas, which was an old Greek Town, and to experience nightlife in Kas. Being one of the most important towns of Lycia, Kas gained importance in Roman Times and eventually became the centre of Episcopacy in Byzantine times. Kas is a rich land with the surrounding cities that belong to the Antique period and with other historical values.

Day 4 – Kekova – Tersane – Ucagiz
Kekova. Here we will stop for a swimming break and for lunch at Tersane bay where you will see an old ship yard from the Roman Period and a church from the Byzantine times. For the dinner and overnight stay the gulet will anchor at Ucagiz bay.

Day 5 – Simena – Demre – Gokkaya
After breakfast, we will anchor at Kalekoy (Simena), where you will have the chance to take some of the most beautiful photographs of Antique Lycia. For lunch and a swimming stop, we will cruise to Demre. Here you can join the tour from Cayagzi bay to the ruins of Myra, a Lycia city which was also the city of the Bishop St. Nicholas who was known as the protector of the children, the poor, and the sailors in Byzantine time. We will anchor at Gokkaya bay for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6 – Kalkan
Your gulet will cruise to Kalkan early in the morning and breakfast will be served in Kalkan harbour. From here we can organise optional excursions to the Lycian cities of Xhantos, the capital of Lycia, Patara the city of trade and harbour, and Letoon which is the most important religious centre of Lycia region can also be included in our tour route. We will anchor at Yesilkoy for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 – Turunc Pinari – Samanlik Koyu – Fethiye
An early start to the day will enable us to cruise to Turunc Pinari bay. After lunch we will anchor at Samanli bay for a swimming stop. For dinner and overnight stay we will head back to Fethiye harbour.

Day 8 – Fethiye – Blue Cruise End
After breakfast your blue cruise ends.  We would like to see you in future in one of our tours again.  Have a nice trip back home and thanks for choosing Meditour Turkey.

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