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The monetary, unit is the Turkish Lira (TL).  All banks have exchange counters and many accept travelers checks and major credit cards. Many ATM’s are tied to international networks such as Cirrus and Plus. Ask your bank whether your bank card or credit card PIN will need to be reprogrammed for use in Turkey.
Antiques, any article more than 100 years old is conferred antique and may not be taken out of the country.
Electricity is 220 volts. Continental 2 pin plugs are standard.
Tax the Turkish VAT equivalent, KDV, is between 5 and 23 percent and is included in the price of virtually all goods and services.

     Hamam – Turkish Bath  


The tradition of the Turkish bath was born generations ago, adopted from Romans and Byzantines and then perfected by the Seljuk Turks and has continued even until today. There are both traditional and modern Hamams in Istanbul. While Çemberlitaş and Galatasaray Hamams are traditional most five-star hotels offer you modern Hamam facilities.